Come join us

Come join us.
Our benefits
  • I
    Paid holidays: Employees enjoy all statutory holidays in accordance with national policies, and pay salaries as usual;
  • II
    Social insurance: The company uniformly purchases "group commercial medical insurance" for employees.
  • III
    PV fun acfivitie and trips together;
  • IV
    Enjoy a management system such as holiday and birthday gifts;
  • V
    Staff activities: Various group activities held at the appropriate time each year;
  • Afternoon tea, fruit and so on.
We Want You

New retail channel account manager (bookstore, lifestyle store, buyer's store direction)

Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of new customers such as bookstores, lifestyle stores, and buyer stores that are in line with the company's positioning;
  • According to the customer's needs, develop a sales plan and complete the company's sales target;
  • Collect, organize and report relevant information on market competing products.
  • Suggest improvements to the company's products and services based on customer needs and market changes;

Job Responsibilities:
  • Education level and professional requirements: College degree or above;
  • Have independent market development and management capabilities, more than 2 years of channel marketing or customer marketing work experience;
  • good image, sense, more love for the things of fashion;
  • Competency: Cheerful personality, strategic thinking ability, communication ability, execution ability, basic innovation ability;
  • Relevant customer resources are preferred.

Business assistant

Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the application process, printing, management, classification, sorting, filing and keeping of the company's marketing contracts and other marketing documents.
  • Help BM track the import, arrival, and delivery of goods.
  • Logistics of business processes;
  • Assist in the operation of the customer and customer complaint records, and assist the relevant departments to properly handle.
  • Assist the department in the work of the internal affairs of the department and the records of various internal meetings.
  • Use the company's internal system to process the battalion related data archives, keep them in a safe place, and not disclose any trade secrets.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Familiar with related office software operations (MS Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)
  • good expression and writing skills, good communication skills and skills
  • Work actively and conscientiously;
  • Have service and teamwork awareness;
  • master the basic English written expression